Extra! Extra! Read All About It!


Welcome to Think Healthy, Be Healthy!

This is a new blog site that serves as an information outlet about female body image in the media. Negative effects on body image are due to unavoidable exposure to Western culture. That includes influences from magazines, television, internet, music videos, films, advertisements and more. As technology grows, these negative messages of photoshopped perfection and extreme thinness are bombarding society all throughout the day. It’s making it harder for females to get healthy messages from the media when so many negative ones are coming at them. These multiple outlets are reaching larger varieties of audiences and lowering self-esteem along the way.

I want to stress that poor body image and the effects also hurt the family and friends too. They don’t want to see their loved ones suffer as much as the victim themself doesn’t want to suffer. This site is for all of them: victims, family, and friends combined.

Check back in the next few weeks for a compilation of medical studies, personal stories, campaign information, and media articles! Being a blog, the internet is my mothership and I’ll be sure to tie in useful information of videos, and photography from other blogs and a variety of social networking sites.

Last but certainly not least, I care about what I’m posting. Too many people suffer from poor body image due to the media and I want people to learn the facts so they can help themselves. It’s never too late to start! Knowledge is power.

So, again, welcome to my blog site. It’s here to help. If you can think healthy, you can be healthy!



2 responses to “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

  1. Like your first post. Don’t know why but it attracts me more than others (about your issue) on our common blog. I think it suggests that you really know how to gather traffic to your own blog! And I feel like you have already created a logo (or symbol?)– the apple. On top of the consistence of your username, the apple serves as a visual identification of your posts and tweets. I think It’s just so useful and effective.

  2. Thank you! Such a compliment! That is exactly what I’m going for with my repeated Apple logo. Apples are a symbol for health, and I thought if my sites had a simple, known object to attach it self too, people would then begin identifying my site to that known object! Again, thank you for the comment 🙂

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